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    What is the difference between a Business Center and a traditional office 
    The Business Center is a flexible and fast formula to have a rental officeUnlike a conventional lease the customer signs a service contract in which he included not only the availability of space but also of its facilities and complementary services at a prices and conditions clearly set outThe formula is more like hiring a hotel roomIn a only bill each month we  include all items such as expenses, rent, supplies, services, etc. So  the customer knows in advance the cost with no surprises and total flexibility. The contract is automatically renewed each month and therefore can be resolved with 10 days' notice.

    Who uses the Centers for Business?
    The Business Centers are often an ideal solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs and liberal professionals who need to give a physical presence beyond the phone or online presence. Particularly suitable for offices of companies based in other geographical areas who want an office with a minimal structure, office rent in central Barcelona is an ideal choice.
    In the case of emerging companies renting an office in the Business Center can adapt quickly and flexiblyaccording to changing needs. The offices are accessible 24 hours at day throughout the year and working without problems. This allows you to focus on their core competencies in an office where everything always works with no unexpected  issues. And with our professional staff, our clients had access to an
     administrative assistance and office equipmentwith minimal investment and structure on their side.

    Why Barcelona ?
    Develop your professional career in Barcelona Are you considering exploring professional opportunities in Barcelona? With a long industrial tradition and a strong and diversified entrepreneurial fabric, last years the area of Barcelona has evolved towards an knowledge intensive service economy. On the one hand, traditional economic industries such as the automotive sector, consumer electronics, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors as well as or tourism have undergone an important transformation thanks to the investment in R+D+I. As a result of this, these sectors still play an important role in Barcelona’s economy. On the other hand, the economic transformation towards knowledge intensive services has led to the consolidation of new industries such as biotechnology, energy, health, sustainable mobility, aeronautics, creative industries or higher education and research, amongst others. • Do you know what an specialist in geographic information systems, a sta e designer or a creative director of pre-production of digital environments do? • Are you thinking about an office for a physical presence in Barcelona not only online ? • Would you like to discover professional opportunities in the Barcelona job market? • Do you know the channels for job seeking in Barcelona? • Do you have the necessary tools to plan your professional career?

    How to make your first impressions count
    Eve your company has an strong online presence. A business address in the right place and a local contact number answered in your company name can make all the difference in business. Our professional teams will manage your calls and handle your mail and parcels. So You get a choice of prestigious addresses for your business and use of all Darcus Business can offer. You can also use a private office at the business centre of your choice.

    Do the offices have broadband internet ?
    Currently offices equipped providers use to offer Internet access to broadband, although sometimes asurcharge, in addition to monthly rent. In our offices this service is standard and included in the monthly fee. Anyway we can also offer you several broadband packages according to your specific needs, ranging from high speed connections to more standard Internet packets. For specific questions related to the technological, contact us and find the right answers for you. 

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